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For years now I've spent my free time watching YouTube videos and during this time my tastes in videos and YouTuber's has changed, today I'm writing a post about my favourite YouTuber's at the moment.

I won't be discussing channels with MILLIONS of subscribers such as Unbox Therapy (who by the way if you haven't heard of, you should go watch) and Zoella. Instead I'll be posting about smaller, but definitely not worse YouTubers who I love.

Links to all channels that I discuss will be added to this post.

JaackMaate aka Jack Dean: I have watched Jack's videos for as long as I can remember, and before anyone goes off to watch his videos, I would advise not to if you are easily offended. I find him absolutely hilarious and I love the frequency of his uploads (every Monday and Thursday).

On a positive side, Jack isn't afraid to speak about issues that some YouTuber's will avoid out of not wanting to cause conflict. Jack also has a series on his channel called 'Jaack Chat' where he interviews celebrities, his most recent being Ricky Gervais which was bloody brilliant.

Jack also has a vlogging channel and a football channel if you are more interested in those types of videos.

VelvetGh0st aka Gabriella Lindley: I watch all of Gabby's videos and I love every single one, she uploads a huge range of different videos, some of my favourites are; My Weight Loss Surgery, her most recent Primark Haul, and any videos where she sings as her voice is amazing. Her cover is Niall Horan- This Town is my favourite so far.

Gabby also has a vlog channel where she posts random days out her life, I love watching Gabby's vlogs as they're so full of honesty it's refreshing and I always leave Gabby's videos wishing that she was my friend!

DaintyDressDiaries aka Catherine Carton: Now Catherine only uploaded her first YouTube video on the 5th of November, but I am SO happy that she did. I have followed her on snapchat for a while now and she is amazing.

Also, she runs a blog which you can find here. I have only gotten around to watching one of Catherine's videos so far but her second is waiting patiently in my watch later list ready for when I finally get to it, it's a kitchen tour, her house is basically my dream home and her cat Blondie is the most beautiful cat I have ever laid eyes on.

Chris Stuckmann: This is currently my go-to channel before I watch any movie, I tend to like to find out whether or not a film is worth watching before I bother, and Chris' reviews, in my opinion, are always spot on. If any of his videos contain spoilers he will make sure the word spoiler is in the video title and is really good at explaining generally what the film is about without ruining the whole thing.

My favourite video by Chris at the minute is this year's Halloween Special. I don't watch every single video Chris uploads, I tend to just watch his reviews of films that I am interested in watching at the time or films that I have watched as I am always interested in seeing what people thought of films I loved/hated.

RoseEllenDix and TheRoxetera aka Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton: I've paired these two together because you pretty much don't get one without the other. They're a married couple who make the most insanely random videos I've ever seen and I am obsessed with them. They also sometimes interview celebrities, you can see their recent video with Tom Hanks, Ron Howard and Irraf Khan here.

When I first came across both channels I went back and watched almost all of their videos together, and as soon as they upload a video, I ignore my 150 odd long 'watch later' list and watch their video as soon as I get the change. They also have a gaming channel where you can witness their hilarious attempts at playing games. Give them a watch and you won't regret it.

Thank you for reading, if you liked this post I would be more than happy to do another at some point as I'm always finding new YouTube channels to watch. Please leave a comment below on what you think of these YouTuber's, or some recommendations of new people for me to watch.

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