things I want to do (or stop doing) in twenty-eighteen.


Is it just me or did most of January go so slowly this time around? I feel like all but the last week of the month did anything but fly past, and now, when I planned to publish a post on the 1st of February, suddenly I hadn't even written anything. So here I am, on the evening of the 1st of Feb writing this post to get up for the 2nd instead!

As you may or may not have noticed, I took January off of blogging. What was meant to be a week (or so) ended up being an entire month when each time I sat down to write, every single somewhat creative idea just flew right out of my head.

Now I'm back, feeling ready to start writing again and full of ideas of what I want to do with my blog, and with my life this year. So I decided to make a list of 18 things I want to do or even stop doing, in 2018.

01- Take more pictures, capture important moments.

02- Stop binge-watching entire shows in one sitting.
03- Drink less caffeine, and stop drinking coffee so late at night.
04- Make plans with friends and family more, and don't cancel.
05- Be more active on social media.
06- Try and make some new friends (I use Bumble BFF).

07- Stop eating foods that trigger my IBS.
08- Stop letting my anxiety win.
09- Open a savings account and actually use it.
10- Set a reading goal and stick to it (at least 15 books this year).
11- Learn a new skill (basic HTML, calligraphy or a second language).
12- Create a weekly schedule including job searching and blogging.

13- Try new recipes, cook from scratch more often.
14- Clear out my bedroom at least twice in the year, throw away old clothes etc.


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  1. I can definitely relate to a few of these! Good luck with your goals lovely x

    Rosie |

  2. one of my resolutions this year was to take more pictures and document things better, because they'll be all you have to look back on in the future!

    haha i also definitely need to set up a savings account. I am USELESS

    katie. xx