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I know from experience that when it gets close to Christmas, there is that sudden panic to buy gifts for people because as always, you left it too late. Doing a Christmas gift guide at the end of November feels wrong to me, it kind of feels like I'm right in the middle of it being too early to talk about Christmas, bit too late to leave it to buy gifts, especially when you have a lot of people to buy for. This post is for anyone who hasn't already bought gifts and is looking for ideas.

Unibox November Box

01- The Unibox (Subscription Service)
The Unibox is a monthly subscription service perfect for students.
The box includes 6-8 full-size items that can include anything from stationary to a mini-magazine with things such as recipes inside and a card with an inspirational quote on. These items will be things like healthy snacks, stationery, and other useful items. You can buy a box for one month, or you can treat someone to a longer subscription of three, six or nine months, you can also skip a month, or cancel the subscription anytime. You can buy the box as a one-off here.

You can currently get £5 off your first order with BLOG5 at checkout. The theme for the December box is 'Festive Spirit' and starts shipping on the 4th of December. 

These are the perfect idea for a student, especially one who is in student accommodation. They would be perfect for someone who needs to study, or even needs to just relax with some music and be able to block the rest of the world out.
I have linked the pair I did as they are on offer for £29.99, £10 less than the original price at the time I am posting this, and they have pretty good reviews too.

Now I know that external hard-drives can be pretty pricey, but I have had mine now for around five years and it is honestly my most important possession and it is honestly so worth the cost because of how many times it has completely saved my ass. Just trust me on this one, if you're a student reading this, ask for one of these for Christmas and if not, definitely go out and buy yourself one! The one I have linked is 320GB and mine is only 85 and I've found that it's more than enough.

Easily the MOST fun card game I have ever played. Completely inappropriate to play with your parent's mind, but even funnier when you see the appalled look on your mum's face when your 18-year-old 'innocent' sister picks the filthiest combination or cards you've ever seen. Just as hilarious with friends.

05- Weekly Planner/Organiser
This one is pretty self-explanatory, it never hurts to be organised and with all oF those deadlines you find yourself surrounded by at University, organisation and planning are even more important than usual. It's much more difficult to find a link for this though as it's heavily down to personal choice so I decided to link my favourite BusyB planner.

06- Google Chromecast
Perfect for all your binge-watching needs! A nifty little device that plugs right into any TV with a USB port, and lets you connect to all sorts of good stuff, like Netflix and Amazon Prime (if you pay for them that is), also YouTube and all of the iPlayers. You do, of course, need to have WiFi though.

This clock! This bloody clock! Genius. I would honestly sell my left leg to own one of these clocks, the reviews are incredible and I am one of those people who practically need an army to get me out of bed in the mornings.

08- Bedding
I didn't link this one because I wasn't sure exactly what to link, but you cannot go wrong when buying someone a nice new duvet and pillows. Or failing this even a nice bedding set or blanket. If you are looking for duvet covers though, Wilkos have beautiful bedding sets so I linked them above.

I love nothing more than lighting candles, especially in the colder months, but there is nothing worse than that fear when you start to fall asleep and remember you have a candle lit. LED candles are super safe and you can even get the fancy remote controlled colour changing ones!

10- A Food Hamper
This one is good for if you know that the person you're buying for has favourite foods that they will get through super quickly, you can stuff the hamper with their favourite sweets, crisps, chocolate, drinks, sauces (eg their favourite bbq or hot sauce) or even fill it with things like pot noodles, soups and beans.

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