christmas gift guide | for women.


This was quite possibly the most difficult blog post I have written so far,  it has been super hard to cut this list down and also to not just include my own Christmas wishlist. So hopefully this post manages to not only cater to all ages (or at least all adult ages) and to give you some ideas of what to buy someone who isn't me. Some of the items are a little pricey but I was mostly working on the basis that they would be 'main gift' ideas.

11- Olivia Burton Watch (Black Floral Design) £78.00

*When writing this post I was searching for the best place online to buy the hairdryer, and I saw that they did the same design in straighteners. I have had a set of Babyliss hair straighteners (pretty much these exact ones except all pink) since 2012 and they are still amazing so I couldn't leave these out.

**Dogtooth check is something that I am suddenly obsessed with this Winter. Also, blanket scarves? Genius!

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