Hi! My name is Lauren, welcome to my corner of the internet. Whether you stumbled here by accident, or whether you're here on purpose I hope you're enjoying what you've read so far. Hopefully, you find something that piques your interest.

I live in Kent, where I have lived for all of my life so far, and to be quite honest, I don't tend to get around much. I am a homebody and if I could spend my life indoors with the exception of leaving my house only to go out and take pictures, or to visit other people in their homes, I would be completely content.

Here is a list of a few of my favourite things: photography, dogs, audiobooks, shopping, acoustic covers of songs, snapchat, writing, pizza, iced coffee, makeup (especially liquid eyeliner), charity shops, Netflix, eBay, late nights, and baking.

Some of my least favourite things: hoovering, glitter, flying, being in the back seat of a car, crowded places, complete silence, being cold, waking up early, going out clubbing, and sweetcorn.

I know that typically on an about me page people have a lot to say, what their aims and goals are for their blog, what the blog is going to be about, why they started blogging, etc. I don't have any particularly wonderful or interesting answers to any of those questions, but I'll give it a go.

Why did I start blogging? 
Because I wanted to.
What are my goals for my blog? 
To have a hobby that I enjoy, and to finally stick with something.
What is my blog about? 
Whatever I feel like.

I enjoy writing, however, I am sometimes not very good at it, my punctuation and grammar could be better and sometimes I tend to ramble on about things rather than getting right to the point. So hopefully, and with the help of Grammarly, I'll improve over time.

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