christmas gift guide | stocking fillers part two.


So if you read my blog frequently, you'll see that I have already posted a stocking filler gift guide, so today's post is part 2. If you haven't read part one you can find it here for even more ideas. I decided to post part 2 as a kind of 'bonus' post this week because I wanted to get all of my gift guides out within a reasonable time frame before Christmas. Keep an eye out for the final gift guide of the year coming Tuesday, handy for if you're still struggling with ideas.

01- Juice Mini Speaker £6.00

03- Suguru Moldable Glue £6.99 (Strange I know but super useful)
04- Skull Sugar Spoon £4.00
08- Fidget Cube £7.99

12- Lynx Mini Gift Set £2.75
13- Drinking Fudge £9.99 (an alternative to hot chocolate)
18- Hand Sanitizer £2.50 (again, another super useful yet unusual gift)

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