life lately (and a few things I want to do this spring).


The last Month of my life has been pretty damn up and down.

 I went to several interviews, finally started a new job, hated it to start off with and seriously considered quitting (EDIT: I'm enjoying my job much more now, since I've settled in more, and I'm definitely not going to just up and quit). I ached all over every day I wasn't working because my job is so physically demanding that I honestly almost got stuck in the toilet earlier today. I started looking for work again and have suffered through various application forms and constant harassment from one company who don't understand the word no. Also, our heating stopped working, the dog had an allergic reaction, and I dropped out of University. (Sorry Nan if you're reading this!)

But things aren't all bad; I chopped off some of my hair, went more blonde, finally started earning money again, paid back some debts to family members, took some beautiful pictures in the snow and made a new friend [whose blog you should 100% check out here by the way]. I've also been using my free time to scroll through Bloglovin' and find some inspiration and spending some time with my younger sister watching films, singing along whilst she teaches herself to play the guitar and binge-watching Netflix together.

When things start to get stressful, I tend to step away from certain things. This time around it meant that my blog got put on the back burner, so here I am. Almost a month since I even wrote a post, to talk about the situation in my life right now, and to tell you all about my goals for Spring.

Make new friends, or re-connect with old ones.
I am the worst for not getting in touch with people. I have known my best friend for 19 out of my 22 years alive and I honestly think it's been almost a year since I saw him. Since becoming friends with Rachel (BurtsBowl), it has made me realise how much I needed good friends and generally good people around me, so I want to try and surround myself with only positive people from here on, and to find more of them!

Get out more.
At the minute I'm either at work or at home. I'd quite like to make the effort to meet up with friends more or even just walk down to the high street, or take the dog for a couple of laps around the park. Also, I've gained more weight that I ever wanted to so I'm going to need to be more active if I want to shift it.

Have a more active social media presence.
At the minute I am terrible with social media, I go onto Twitter, retweet something and close the app for days. I scroll through the explore page on Instagram and only post the occasional picture of either my dog or some flowers. I use my facebook page to literally just let my 6 followers know when I have a new blog post up and I am on and off with Pinterest so often that I honestly think we have a bit of a toxic relationship.

Start saving money.
I always tell myself that I need to start saving, whether it's for the future long-term, or even short-term saving to buy a new phone or an Xbox One. Whatever it is I'm saving up for, I need to do it soon otherwise I'm never going to get anywhere and I definitely won't be getting that Xbox One I've been after for months.

Stop buying so much junk food.
So much of my money gets spent on food. I am the worst and I genuinely think that I have an issue. I really want to try and quit this habit of constantly buying crappy food, and start buying myself things I actually want and need rather than chocolate that, let's face it,  I could definitely do without. I'd much rather treat myself to a new piece of makeup or some nice clothes, than a chocolate bar that lasts 5 minutes or less and just causes me to gain more weight.

Spend less time on my phone etc when with my boyfriend. 
My Boyfriend and I have fallen into the habit of spending the evenings together, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, or Rick and Morty, whilst both on our phones scrolling Instagram or Facebook, paying zero attention to each other.
If I want to / need to be on my laptop I've been trying to let him know so that he can watch a film he wants to see that I'm not into, or so that he can play the Xbox for a while. I'm getting much better at not picking my phone up constantly but there's still room for improvement. I try and get things done before he comes over at 5 so that I don't have anythdon'tI need to do whilst he's over in the evenings/weekends.

Find a job I'm happy in.
My new job is hard. I'm not desperately unhappy there, but I could be much happier elsewhere, and in a different role. I've known for a while now that caring isn't what I want to do. I also know now that 12-hour shifts are also not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. I'd like to try and find a job where I'm excited to go to work, and where I have good things to say when I come home, rather than coming home and crying on my Mum's or my Boyfriend's shoulder.

Finally, start a new hobby.
I've wanted to pick up a hobby since the start of the year but I haven't had the money to do so. Now that I'm back earning again I want to buy myself a cheap electronic keyboard and have a go at learning to play it. If I do well and I enjoy too I'll invest in a more expensive one, but for now, just a cheap one to start with will do me perfectly.

leaving you with a picture of my new 'do to end the post.

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