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I don't tend to stick to the same things for very long so you might start to see a trend of 'current favourite' posts on my blog. I hope that they inspire you to try something new or give you ideas of what or who to watch and apps to try.

01- Palmer's Cocoa Butter Spray Lotion
Everything about this is my favourite. Mostly how easy it is to put on, but it smells incredible too, and the size of the bottle means it lasts ages.

Recently I have been obsessed with travel in general and this couple's vlog gives me serious wanderlust. I love watching them go to Singapore, Japan, Israel, Croatia, Greece and many more beautiful and interesting places.

I recently rediscovered The Michalaks channel after not watching their videos for a couple of years and I honestly do not know why I stopped watching them. They are the most beautifully shot videos and Hannah and Stef are so honest, unfiltered and true to themselves.

I've had my tablet for around six months now and I love it. I got this specific one because it had screen mirroring capabilities and because I've wanted a tablet forever. I use it so much and if I didn't have it now I'd be completely lost. I do everything on it from reading blog posts to watching YouTube.

I love everything about this show, from the references to famous serial killers to the way you get a look into each character's life outside of work. I also love just chilling with my boyfriend on a lazy day trying to guess who the killer is before they figure it out. 

A film about a couple who travel to a remote lakehouse for a peaceful weekend to help them overcome their 'struggles' in their marriage (aka spice things up in the bedroom in privacy). The film is all about the wife's struggle to survive whilst handcuffed to the bed after her husband suffers a heart attack. 
This recently came out on Netflix and it is incredible, it is the perfect mixture of terrifying and intense and most definitely not for the light of heart. If you like thrillers over horror/ ghost films you will love Gerald's Game.

07- Libby, by Overdrive
Libby is an app created by Overdrive. Linked to your library card you can download up to 8 audio or e-books at one time, for 14 days. The app auto-returns books once the 14 days are over and the fact that it is so easy to use.

This. Podcast. Is. Hillarious. I started listening to it a while back but then for some reason just stopped. I started again a few days ago and I am devastated that I now have to wait until 2018 to hear more and I am wondering where my life will be without Belinda Blumenthal.

09- Pinterest
I got back into Pinterest after reading about how beneficial it can be for bloggers, and I now have so many boards and I am always on the app on my phone. You can check out my boards here.

10- Indeed
I never thought that I would include an app/website for job searching in a favourites post but honestly, it is the best app out there for anyone who's looking for employment. The 'apply from your phone' jobs make it super easy to apply for things quickly, and they send weekly job search reports so you can see how much you're doing a week.

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