my holiday in pictures | cartama, spain.


Whilst I was on holiday, I made no effort to get a blog post up because I made the most of my time away with my boyfriend and his family. I was unsure of what I wanted to post when I arrived home and Tuesday rolled around, so this morning I decided that I would compile a majority picture post, of snaps I took whilst on my holiday.

Not only do I love all of the pictures that I took making it super hard to pick ones for this post, but I also wanted this to be a post sharing the improvement in my picture-taking skills, and to make the pot something I can look back on and remember my holiday.

The first thing I did on our first full day was made the most of getting a shot of the beautiful view from the roof.

I asked my boyfriend to wake me up one time whilst we were there so that I could watch the sunrise. #noregrets

I drank a million and one cups of coffee whilst I was away and now cannot stop, although I'm proud to say that around half of them were decaf, not tryna' get those caffeine headaches.

Walking up the stairs to the roof, I made the most of the chance to get yet another shot of the bright blue sky, except this time, with some stairs and walls too.

There were so many aeroplanes flying over us, that I had to take the opportunity to get a shot of one.
Also, whilst swimming/sunbathing we were trying to guess what company plane it was as they flew over. Cue me shouting 'EasyJet' from the bathroom when I heard a plane.

Whilst saving animals from the pool, my boyfriend came across this tiny praying mantis and I think I bugged it too much because it kept running (flying) from me whilst I was taking pictures of it.

One of the evenings, we went to dinner in Torremolinos, and the entire way back to the car, I trailed behind everyone else to take pictures of trees and the beach.

Whilst in search of the tobacconist, we stumbled across the most beautiful modern looking church I have ever seen.

An attempt at a cute shot of my boyfriend whilst out shopping ended up being yet another shot of him walking slightly in front of me whilst I walk slowly behind taking pictures of everything around me.

A few random pictures that I took on the way back from the town. Some rocks, a tiny bridge that my boyfriend asked if I live under, and a random puddle? of water that had some tiny frogs in it.

Yet another picture of the trees that I saw everywhere we went.

Making the most of the position of the sun through this bridge that we drove over almost every day.

The last picture I took on holiday, a tonne of olive trees I saw on the way to the airport.

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