my favourite (and least favourite) characters on tv.


My name is Lauren, and I have an unhealthy addiction to binge-watching.

Recently I've been seeing a few different bloggers talking about their favourite characters in TV shows (and a lot of them mention F.R.I.E.N.D.S). For my post, I wanted to do something a little different from the others, and also mention some of the characters that I didn't like all that much either.

Breaking Bad: so, it has taken me far too long to jump onto the breaking bad bandwagon, and a year and a half after starting the show, I'm still working my way through it watching an episode every now and then. Jesse Pinkman is definitely my favourite character on the show, and I find him so loveable, and my least favourite is quite possible Marie, Skyler's sister, I always feel like she's really sticking her nose into other peoples business and although it may sometimes benefit them, it always just seems to me like its not her place.

One Day at a Time: I have watched this season, twice in the past few months and I love it. It is so, so difficult to pick a favourite character but at a push, I would have to pick Lydia, she is so loving and caring, yet she isn't afraid to speak her mind and put someone in their place when it's necessary. Seeing as I love everyone in the show, I don't have a least favourite character, I still wanted to include this show though because I recommend it to anyone.

Arrested Development: I recently heard that this show is coming back sometime this year and I am so excited! It is my go-to sho in the evenings and when I don't know what to watch and it still makes me laugh the 20th time around. My favourite character of the show is Lucille Bluth, down to her cockiness, quick wit and her utter lack of care for anyone else but herself (which is in a way irritating, but also in a way an endearing for her character). My least favourite is easily Tobias, on occasion I found him funny, but mostly, it infuriates me thinking that someone could be so irrational, oblivious and gullible (and oh god imagine what he would be like in real life!).

The Good Place: I finished season 2 of this show, minutes before I started writing this post and I already cannot wait for season 3. I love the way this show looks at the possibilities of heaven, and hell, and the idea that there is some sort of a middle place specifically for you and you alone. My favourite in the show is definitely Micheal, his character grew so much and he became all around such a nicer, and a more likeable person in season 2. My least favourite is Tahani, she continues to be pretty damn selfish even whilst the others become better people, and I still find her as frustrating as I did at the start.

Riverdale: Jughead is my fave, let's be real for a second, he's super hot, he's got the bad boy thing going on, but he's smart too, why would I pick anyone else?! My least favourite is probably Archie, he sits and whines a lot about unimportant stuff and isn't as great of a friend as you think he'd be when all of his friends are going through rough times.

How I Met Your Mother: My favourite character is Lily, and if I could pick two it would be Lily and Marshall, apart from their weird breakup when Lily moved away, they are complete #couplegoals and they are the cutest. My least favourite may not be a popular opinion, but it is Robyn. I just do not like her.

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  1. Hahaha am glad I found Riverdale on your list. Yeah, I agree about your comment on Archie's character. Hahaha.