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Firstly I want to apologise for the complete state that my blog is currently in. I'm having a lot of trouble trying to find a theme and I wanted to leave it as plain as possible until I find one that I like.

I was completely stuck whilst thinking of a new post to write, I liked the ease of my old blog, knowing that each week I could pick out a random piece of makeup from my makeup bag and I could write a quick review of it. So this time around I'm finding it a lot harder to think of things to write about, firstly things that I want to write about and share, and secondly, things that people would like to read.

I decided to do a 'whats on my iPhone' post today as I'd like to share with anyone reading the apps that I use and love, although some are boring and I won't go into any detail about them, I will talk a little about my favourites.

My wallpaper which you can half see in the background of the main photo is of a butterfly resting on a plant in my grandparents garden. Pictures like this make me remember; 1, why I love my grandparent's house and garden so much, and 2, how much I love taking pictures.

First Page:

Messages, Calendar, Photos, Camera,
Contacts, Notes, App Store, Settings,
FaceTime, Clock, iBooks, Utilities Folder
(Reminders, Podcasts, Calculator, Health,
Find iPhone, Wallet, iTunes Store, Weather, Maps),
Smart Bank, My Vodafone

Smart Bank is the app I use to check my balance, and My Vodafone is the one I use to check how much Data I have left. I read my University books on iBooks, listen to 'RuPaul: what's the tee' on podcasts, and other than that it's just the usual phone stuff.

Bottom Row:

Phone, Safari, Mail, Spotify

Second Page:

Facebook, Messenger, Groups, Twitter,
Tumblr, Outlook, Snapchat, YahooMail
Netflix, YouTube, eBay, Instagram
WhatsApp, Idiot Box, Indeed Jobs

The apps I probably use most out of all of these are Netflix and YouTube (you can see my current Netflix favourites here and my favourite YouTube channels here) as I tend to spend a lot of my time watching something or other in the background whilst I am doing Uni work or other things

Idiot Box is an app that I downloaded around a month ago and nobody has been able to find it on the app store once I've told them about it but to explain; it is an app where you add any shows you're watching and use it to keep track of which episodes you've seen and which ones you haven't.

After these apps, I just have a few folders which I will list below.


The Trail, Tinker Island, Taps to Riches

I don't tend to play games on my phone too often as I'm more often on my laptop during the day due to University stuff, but when I am I like these games as I can go on them whenever I feel like.


Raffler, Days, FreePrints,
Kickstarter, WeHeartIt, Wishopoly,
Virgin Red, iMDB, Buzzfeed,
BBC News, Superdrug, Amazon

My favourites out of this bunch of apps have to be; iMDB, Buzzfeed and BBC News.

Raffler- this is an app that I recently downloaded, each day, in reward for watching two ad's you are entered into a daily raffle, with a chance to win anything from £100.

*Before downloading this app I did my own research into the app, please do the same yourself before thinking of downloading the app.*


Analytics, Gmail, Bloglovin
Wantfeed, PS Express, Spark Post,
Pinterest, allwomenstalk

Health: (Or as I call them, the most useful apps on my phone)

Nomie, Headspace, Sleep Cycle

Nomie is an app that helps you keep track of habits, for example, I drink coffee, and I am a smoker, so I decided that I wanted to keep an accurate track of how much I was drinking coffee and smoking daily. It's so simple to use and you can adjust the positivity of the activity, for example with both smoking and drinking coffee, I have it set so that the more I do it the more negatively the data is shown.

Sleep Cycle is an amazing app and I honestly think that without it I would have never woken up for work in the past. It tracks your sleep using the microphone on your phone, or can use the accelerometer instead, and gradually wakes you up within a half hour period of your alarm time when you are in your lightest sleep. I have never been a morning person and do not react well when suddenly woken up, or when woken up at all for that matter! But this alarm starts low and gradually gets louder, easing you out of your sleep.

Uni Stuff:

OU Anywhere, iTunes U, UNiDAYS

I use OU Anywhere to download the books or chapters of books that I need to read for my degree, iTunes U I don't really use because I don't have the time, and UNiDAYS is amazing for student discounts!

Thanks again for reading,  as life is very hectic at the minute but I'm wanting to still keep blogging, the problem is that I am struggling with thinking of things to write about so please do leave a comment with some suggestions.

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