my favourite (free) iphone apps.


Recently I was bought a Samsung Galaxy A6 tablet from my Mum as a late Birthday present, and not only do I love it, but it's also meant that my phone has so much storage now!

I basically deleted all of my streaming apps and games from my phone and installed them on my tablet, this means that I've started to use my phone as more of a helpful personal assistant. Since I had around 3GB of free storage, I decided to look for some useful apps that might help me, and that I did! So I wanted to share with you some of the apps that lately I've been loving, and using a lot.

01- Cara: tracks IBS symptoms and helps you to figure out triggers.
02- Eve: a period tracker that can be used to track period symptoms.
03- Me.Time: similar to a journal but with prompts.
04- Podcasts: to listen to whilst I fall asleep.
05- Buzzfeed: taking their quizzes is a huge waste of time, but so entertaining!
06- Pocket: To save links from all around the web into one handy place.
07- Jackal: Tracks the TV shows I am watching and the episode I am currently on.
08- ToDoMovies: Tracks the films I want to see and the films that I've already seen.

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