ten things I would save in a fire.


So Gabby (@velvetgh0st on YouTube) started a new TAG on YouTube a while back, and now that we're back up and running I wanted to finally join in.
This post is more about the most important things to me rather than the fact that if there really was a fire I would risk my own life to run back inside and pick up all of these things that in reality I couldn't carry all at once.

01- Memory Box.
This one might be cheating a little as I do tend to keep all of my most important things in here, but I'm allowing it. Around three years ago I started getting into the habit of saving all of the things important to me in a specific box that lives under my bed. It has things from 2007 onwards and I'd be heartbroken if I lost any of it.

02- Photo Album.
For years I've ended up with all of my pictures just in clear pencil cases, but this Christmas my sister bought me a photo album so they're all finally arranged.

03- External Hard Drive.
I bought myself an external hard drive after I had a laptop that's hard drive died pretty much once a year. So it has all of my pictures on it, important documents and some of my favourite music and films too.

04- My Favourite Mug.
I have had this mug for years, and I love a huge cup of tea and it's super cute. Also, I don't think they sell it anymore so I wouldn't be able to replace it.

05- My Laptop.
Because I am doing my Batchelor's degree with The Open University, all of my work is done online, and to not be able to do so would not only mean me more than likely falling behind but also losing all of my work I have done so far, and other important things.

06- 18th/21st Birthday Box.
So my memory box was lacking in space for all of my 18th and 21st birthday cards, so I ended up having to have a completely separate box, and as I am so sentimental, I needed to keep them!

07- Teddies.
I have 4 teddies that I would want to keep, 2 pandas, 1 Winnie the Pooh character, and 1 dog. I've had the first three for years and the black and white dog was a 18th Birthday gift from my grandmother.

08- Charm Bracelet.
My Nan gave me her charm bracelet years ago and my whole life I remember always wishing I could have it, or have one just like it. It's extremely important to me and I keep it in my Mum's jewellery box to be extra cautious with it.

09- Wooden Elephant Ornaments.
This sounds like a strange choice, but they have strong sentimental value, when my great aunt passed, both me and my great-grandmother whilst clearing her home saw some wooden elephants that we both liked, but we came to the agreement that I would get the baby elephants from the set, and my great grandmother would keep the big ones.

10- Christmas Present From my Boyfriend
A few years ago at Christmas, I told my boyfriend I wanted something sentimental, something with meaning and with the heart rather than something expensive and when I opened my gift on Christmas day I cried. It has taken pride of place in my bedroom on display ever since.

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  1. Great list! I can see they're very important to you.

    Can I ask; was it easy or hard to think of 10 things? I think it would be a challenge (but fun/good) to do this myself... thanks for the idea!!

    -Calum @XboxE3Fans